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What happens when one of the dumbasses at McDonalds messes up your order
I was McFucked today at lunch because they forgot my pies.
by Zimm January 15, 2005
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What happens to the poor sap who has to deal with asshole customers all day and then gets fired cuz they're pay is getting a lil too high
As soon as raise-time came around, she knew she was going to get McFucked.
by Carekey March 10, 2005
When you visit a fast food restaurant and they mess up your order. First coined when visiting a McDonald's.
I went though the drive though the other day and got McFucked when they forgot my special sauce on my Big Mac!

Dude, don't let them McFuck you, go back and tell the manager.
by E. Kuhnhausen October 05, 2006
When McDonald's does not get your order correct, you have been McFucked.
Cashier hands order to the customer.

Customer checks their bag and notices they've left out an order of fries and put unwanted onions on the hamburger.

Customer: "What the hell? They messed up my order. I've been McFucked..."
by Lil and Big Bit December 06, 2009
1.) how your stomach feels after eating fast food
2.) how your intestines feel right before getting rid of the fast food
Man, that super sized double McTrouble looked good on the menu, but now my stomach is McFucked!
by El_Americano December 11, 2009

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