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a fast food chain who always screw your order up. It is a place where you can find carvers outside looking for trouble, and the best chicken nuggets ever are found here.

the staff however, only understand mcdonalds language. such as if you ask for chicken nuggets, they won't have a clue what you mean unless you say MCchicken nuggets.
some guy: she forgot the gherkings and relish in my burger AGAIN!
another guy: complain then.
some guy: mcdonalds suck.

customer: can i have a chicken sandwitch please?
stupid chinky wife serving: what?
customer: oh, sorry, a MACKchicken sandwitch.
chinky wife: okay then.
by Sangeajinn January 19, 2007
The epitome of all that is America. Where everyone loves to eat, making you 10x bigger the next week. I don't see why, they're fries are so salty the minute you eat them you automatically damage your artieries. Someone should sue the place so we can get more Big Macs and heart attacks!
mcdonalds in it entirely sucks asshole
by DizzyLizzy January 09, 2007
Basically ....Fried shit on a bun , or sometimes it may be the truth.... some one does shit in the deep fryer?
EW this burger from mcdonalds looks like a fried peice of shit between 2 buns!
by McShit October 13, 2006
a place that serves shit burgers pack with bread lard and salt. a place that attracts young children with "playscapes" then you children (yes you know who you are) bug the shit out of there dumbass parents for money to eat shitty food
if you eat mcdonalds and get fat its your fault fuck tard, go to the gym or quit whining lard fuck.
by fet August 26, 2006
Verb: A complete and utter failure of the digestive system from digesting McDonalds brand resturant foods. Resulting in but not always limited to (a)Vomiting (b)Urination (c)Voluntary and Involuntary Bowel Movements

As a sidenote, One to all three of these actions ( (a)(b)(c) ) are possible at any given time while the said action is happening.
Wow, I just Mcdonalds'd and i think i might have Vomited, Pissed, and Dumped all at the same time. But now that that is over, i feel ALOT better! Phew!!!

To Mcdonalds, it takes alot of energy

by Kyle the Road Trip Man July 20, 2006
a huge chain of fast food restaurants that serve cheap unhealthy food, almost everything on their menu has about 3,000 calories and most people who eat there are fat
fat lady:hey I ate at McDonalds and now I weigh 400 pounds
by me777 January 29, 2006
fake food; unhealthy; may cause death; my favorite food.
i once died because of McDonalds.
by Ngage Hater May 02, 2005