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Devoted supporter or fan of Sen. John McCain of (R-Arizona), esp. those who backed him during 2000 presidential bid
Bush had the money, the power, and the women, but no one could doubt the
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
One who is obsessed with John McCainm aka a huge douchebag.
That kid who drives a hummer is such a mccainiac
by Nick Herdman November 04, 2008
When one goes crazy and becomes a maniac for presidental nominee John McCain.
"Oh my god! Its john McCain! I'm such a McCain-iac!"
by Bella Kripton March 09, 2009
A chest-thumping, brown-person-hating warmonger who wants an ever expanding American empire.
McCainiacs think that Muslims attack us because we are supposedly free.
by John Delano January 31, 2008
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