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A family of Irish or Scotch Irish descent that always gets the short end of the stick, be it in social, academic, or family related situations. The injustice/bad luck also applies to those who marry into the family.

You have just finished a huge project and saved your company roughly a million dollars. Your lazy coworker took all of the credit. You get reprimanded for not helping him. Why? You're a McAuley.


Person 1: Someone just stole my car!
Person 2: That's because you married a McAuley!
by "Erin Go Bragh" McAuley November 23, 2009
A person or a group of people who (whom) refrain from creative new comic relief and repeatedly revert to antiquated jokes or one liners

Similar to jump the shark,mcauley-auley-auley
"You just pulled a McAuley." "Don't McAuley me" "That joke is McAuley"
by Ledge Otato October 17, 2008
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