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1. a famous American general who fought WW1 WW2 etc. and his famous word "I shall return"

2. the shit that keeps on coming back after you flush it in the toilet.
1. Douglas McArthur is a great general back in the war.

2. My shit always going McArthur after I flushed it 10 times.
by Piru St. January 17, 2009
When you shit in the toilet, but after you flushed it then it goes back again floating. Came from Douglas Mc Arthur when he left the PI " I shall return" referring to the natives.
Why is it that everytime i'm in the washroom Mc Arthur happens,
by fast_moves October 14, 2004
Whoever has this as a last name is generally a L33T nerd fighter. If you have this last name then you are most likely retarded and there is nothing you can do about it.
However, everyone loves McArthurs =D
Person 1: "What's that guys last name?"
Person 2: "Uhm...I dunno, he's pretty awesome and kinda retarded. But I like him."
Person 3: "Must be McArthur"
Person 4: "Yeah, I bet."
by annelieseisawesomeerthanshaz October 08, 2008
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