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a boy everyone wants to be. is usually very tall in height, and is very good at keeping a conversation going. Always knows how to make a girl smile. Is very athletic and tends to pretend that he is better than everyone else. Is very good looking, every girl wishes they could be lucky enough to date him.
hey do you see Vinton? Yes he is very cute and is super good at lacrosse.
by mhmn May 29, 2012
Vinton, also known as "The City of Lights," in reference to it's turn of the century downtown revamp project that installed a few thousand street lamps. Not only do they keep the streets lit, but also fools airlines into believing a runway is near. Just down the road from hickville, but not as far as bumfuck. Pronounced "vhen-hon" to all natives.
Don't blink, you might miss Vinton!

Is that an international airport? No, it's just Vinton.

That child is on cocaine! He must be from Vinton.

by Louisa Rohns March 06, 2007
A small ass town outside of Gallipolis about 30mins.
i live out in Vinton, also known as the boon-docks.
by britty dee January 31, 2009
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