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1. A bad-ass muthafucka who is so fucking attractive and is very smart, loveable, and bootylicious. She usually has a fake boyfriend to fend off the stalkers she accumulates on facebook. Her fake boyfriend is so lucky that he treats her like a princess. He suffers from fuckin traumatic stress disorder since he knows that he is being played. GG.

2. Cutest, most Sayoko, chick in the muthafuckin universe.

3. A person called a skank, because all them other bitches jealous of the fact that boys (and even girls) love Mayla.
1. That girl is a Mayla!!

2. Nicki Minaj is a Mayla!!

Boy 1: Do you like John?
Boy 2: Fuck John. I''m with Mayla nigga.
by Cody Uchiha July 07, 2011
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An amazingly talented girl. Most of the time Maylas will play the flute like a total boss. They have an incredible knack for getting long lasting friends and can always make you smile.
Guy 1: Look at Mayla!
Guy 2: Shes amazing
Guy 1: Uh yeah! Obviously!
by stomponviolin December 30, 2013
A skank ho whose skank ass needs to be kicked. Smells like she bathes in manure. Says irrelevant things, probably because she likes the sound of her voice, which is, in fact, annoying. Stands creepily close to people that, unknown to Mayla, don't like her. Thinks she has friends, but doesn't.
K: Did Mayla just steal your boyfriend?
G: Yeah.
K: That skank ho. Well, you'd better go give him a clothespin.
by Bigrig & Slimjim February 05, 2010
a suttle way to call kayla a man
hey mayla!!
by ....... May 05, 2004

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