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Vato from the streets of east LA.

Also see sasquatch, loch ness monsterand bigfoot.
Marijuana is bad for la raza

by ....... February 18, 2005
A girl I'm talking to right now. Her website is www.furrycentric.com.
VeneshaGXA dissed on my avatar at www.ddrmaniax.net
by ....... June 10, 2004
a person that you supposidly love, supposidly loves you.. then cheats on you with your best friend.
"he used me, he's my boyfriend"
by ....... October 22, 2003
A girl with extream physco-ness who has no life and doesnt leave the "Koopman" (see definiton) alone. This girl is often seen with a green caste and is very Promiscious.
When smacking this girl flat across the face - "eh. you are a physco girl!!"

When you see this girl walking down the street (Preferably at Kings Park Day)
Me: "Did you see the physco girl?!?!"
Koopman: "Who Emily? Yeah she is right over there!"
by ....... June 19, 2006
choda hydrant
that is officially the choda of all hydrants!!!
by ....... May 05, 2004
a white gurl that goes wit blac guys....
:look at that slutty mudduck...
:yea...i dont care its not like anyone wants her now...
by ....... April 04, 2005
a suttle way to call kayla a man
hey mayla!!
by ....... May 05, 2004

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