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An incredibly beautiful girl. She has presence that demands attention in any room. She is extremely loyal and will do anything for a friend in need. Everybody needs a Maycee in their lives. Maycees can make you rethink your entire life with just one look, and you will do anything to get her to smile. The only thing better than her smile is her laugh, if you can get a Maycee to laugh then you are a very lucky human being.
Everybody wants to be a Maycee.
Nobody is cooler than a Maycee.
by joethefro May 02, 2013
Amazing and beautiful girl that usually becomes a model, only downside is, they have too many best friends, but their true best friend is #derekelliot
Wow, that girl is a Maycee,I wish I was her!

That girl has so many "best friends", she's a Maycee.
by D3r3k e11i0t March 17, 2013

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