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A grand old car company initial founded by Wilhelm Maybach in 1920 (Maybach himself was one of the founding engineers of Diamler Benz). The original company produced ultira luzury sedans in Germany until it went bankrupt in 1937, at which point it began building airplane engines for the Nazi war machine. The Maybach name has recently been reincarnated by Mercedes Benz as the brand name for its new ultra luxury brand, which currently markets two super luxury sedans, the 57 and 62, each basing at $300K and $350K respectively.
Everyone thinks Maybachs are new, but they aren't.

That Maybach costs more than my house.
by Duesey December 01, 2003
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the sweetest car made in the world. 550 horsepower, 3 televisions, ps2 hookups, first-class airplane seats in the rear, nav system, and panoramic glass sunroofs. MSRP: $350,000. comes in a 57 and 62 trim. named because of their lengths, 5.7 m and 6.2 m.
donald trump owns a maybach 62.
by Evan April 09, 2004
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Contrary to the uncultured pronunciation ("may-back") laid forth by such rappers as Jay-Z and Rick Ross (cf. "Maybach Music" produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League for commercial distribution under the album Trilla (2008)) and thus propagated among the general populace, is actually pronounced "my-bock."
Uneducated individual listening to Rick Ross: Realist shit I ever wrote, chillin' in my Maybach. Damn that Rick Ross be speedin'!
Average individual who has actually read a car magazine: For your information, it's actually pronounced "my-bock." Do yourself a favor and walk into the Rusnak dealership in Pasadena (on Colorado Blvd) and see how far you get with that horrendous attempt at pronunciation.

Rick Ross: Yo son, I'm the Boss, speedin' in the fast lane in my Maybach.
Me: Ok...I'm pretty sure my CL65 AMG is much more navigable on the fast lane and would be more conducive to "speedin'." By the way, I just watched "ThisIs50" and I see your Maybach is leased. Word of advice, a smart and financially secure individual actually buys his car, as opposed to putting $20,000 down and paying about $4000 a month for 3-5 years and getting nothing at the end.
by cultureyourself March 19, 2009
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A stretched Mercedes-Benz S-Class, with a reclining sofa in the back.
Rolls-Royces are better the Maybach's because Rolls-Royces don't hurt your eyes and don't copy the S-Class's look
by bkladuluakis September 25, 2012
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A recently 2003 introduced ultra-luxury car, built by DaimlerChrysler and named after Karl Maybach, one of the founders of Daimler. Comes in two sizes, the 57 and the 62.
As used by Jay-Z in "Excuse Me Miss Again": Then hop ya ass out that S-class
Lay back in that Maybach ...
by Kent Hang July 23, 2003
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A type of Mercedes usually driven by 50 Cent or another G-Unit member.
I'll teach ya how to stunt
My wrists stay rocked up
My TVs pop up in a Maybach Benz
by street thug July 26, 2005
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