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Max is definitely the most unique and incredible person in this world. He has the biggest heart and no one can deny his extraordinary and hilarious personality. He has a way with making people feel so special. He's truly beautiful inside and out but not in a cocky way at all. Granted, he makes a lot of mistakes, mistakes that could be completely avoided, but he handles them with such grace and learns from them quickly. His strength shines through everyday and its extremely hard to block him out of your life once he's in it. Max is just Max. You have to love him, or hate him.
Max is who he is. Love him or hate him.
by lovernotafighter<3 November 12, 2010
The sweetest most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever have in the world. He is cuddly, sensual, thoughtful, handsome and has the most gorgeous green eyes anyone could hope for. He spoils me and gives me more than I've ever dreamed of. Max is the guy that is strong and supportive and keeps me on my feet and motivated when I need to be but is there to catch me when I fall or when I'm sick and afraid or need help. He is the best person I've known and I want everyone to know how wonderful he is too.
max is the best kisser, sexy
by Babydoll4858 February 05, 2010
More than you will ever need or want. Yet you still want it anyway.
An awkward shy guy that gives the best hugs.
Kind of geeky and likes RADIOHEAD.
Makes you feel great when your around but leaves you more than empty after.
A player with no feelings.
A smile that makes you melt into skittles
Gentle kisser but bites to hard.
Look at that cheeser on MAX.
Forget him sweetie he's a MAX.
Yeah that MAX asked me to RADIOHEAD.
by Treycsucksfool December 12, 2009
Adjective, to experience something to the fullest.
to have all of
There is nothing to do, I'm max bored.
Tonight I'm going to get drunk, we need to pick up max alcohol.
by Motigino July 17, 2009
Max, is the hottest, sexiest, most amazing guy I have ever met. I love him with all my heart, forever and always. :) Even though i don't deserve him, he still manages to stick with me through thick and thin. He is the best boyfriend I have ever had, and I hope to be with him forever .
Kylee and Max are going to be together forever.
by KyleeandMaxforever February 16, 2010
max is a word that meens 'cool dude' who always has to be in with the fashion, but mostly wears skinny jeans and topman hoodies.
max is a boys name.
'whos max?'
'oh, his a cool dude'
by kj,l January 20, 2008
Another word for relax.
"you going out tonight"

"nah, I'm just gonna max at the crib"
by lugo512 November 16, 2008