The most of which something can be, or exist as a tangible item that one could touch, therefore, being within existence, which, because it is a state and not a place, cannot be located. Often used to make crappy things sound slightly less so, and also to make idiots think they're getting a good deal. ;Beckhard
I can still make you happy! To the maaaaaaxxx (max)
A person who thinks they're gangster, yet they fail to amuse people, rather they anger people to the point that they are rejected by everyone, including their parents. Generally try to impress chicks, yet fail. However, they claim to have a girlfriend in a distant place. They are noted for their huge lips and naturally spitting on you when they speak.
Look at him, hes such a max.
by LOLOLUMAD August 25, 2009
Total douche with a huge penis. Likes to act gay, but won't put out for other guys who act gay.
1: Hey dude, let's go to hot topic and act gay!
2: No man, Max is in there. He won't put out.
by SearchingforthePrincess February 11, 2009
Portland's Metropolitan Area eXpress light rail system.
Typhoon's happy hour: six appletinis and MAX it need for a designated driver!
by Sophie Osborn April 14, 2007
A word which means to relax
Shit back and max man
by B's up C's down November 12, 2006
a big fat piece of shit that is in the Buttterfly gang rank= underboss
max steinbauer is cool
by kalvyn May 13, 2009
A fat chode boi from Long Beach Cali whose favorite thing to do is make disgusting concoctions of gross food then happily slurp it down. He also does this with penis. Max thinks he can rap but he really can't and he's white.
guy #1: Hey roberto does ju wanna go see Max rap down in Long Beach?
guy #2; Nah esse, hes probly gonna steal all of our food.
guy#3: Yeaaaahh brah, Max's only claim to fame is that those kool peoples Sublime and Snoop Dogg are from there.
guy #1: You homies are right, Max is gay.
by ballaballa123 April 14, 2009

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