To ejaculate in your pants without any prior physical stimulation.
She was so hot, I maxxed my pants.
by Max de Tran June 23, 2010
verb More commonly known as maxing, is the action of jizzing your pants while you are freak dancing with an asian chick at a dance.
Dude lets go maxing!
by Ethan Litke May 19, 2008
the most common dog name and the best kind of dog
Someloser: Max, ur a good dog.

by Jazzy-jazz July 01, 2012
A boy who used to be the most amazing person in the world. A boy who used to make me laugh. A boy who never ever made me cry, except when he made a joke, then we would laugh till we did. A boy who has incredible hazel eyes that I used to think were honest. A caring person who has lost his way in life. A boy who broke my heart. An absolute jerk. Someone who can draw. Someone who never takes anything seriously, which used to be funny but is now immature and obnoxious. Someone who I lost before I had him. Someone who makes you think he's fallen for you, then goes and kisses your best friend. Someone who dumps you and then dates your best friend. Someone who you should stay away from unless you want to get hurt. Someone who lies. A heart breaker.
guy: why are you crying?
girl: because...
guy: is it max again?
girl: yep.
guy: well you're so pretty, he doesn't deserve you.
girl: i still love him.

guy: can't you see she's crying?
max: yeah, so?
(max leaves)

guy: and you like him?

girl: yeah... :(
by wishingonastar June 05, 2011
a piece of shit ass faggot
max: ur gay
you: you hang around guys in leotards. so straight.
by gee-oh March 04, 2013
V. to smash a toilet as a household responsibility.

N. someone whose primary chore around the house consist of smashing toilets

Adj. to the largest extent, huge;
Person 1: can that bangin chick make it to the sunday kegger?
Person 2: Not tonight boss, her parents have her maxing around the house all day.

Person 1: Dude that party last night was max!
by Fuzzy Wobbles January 11, 2010
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