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1. any awkward moment
2. any short person
3. any person that doesnt like to put lubricated condoms on their head
1. After the girl told her mom she had sex with her dad, there was a max.

2. Did you see that midget? He was a total max!

3. "Dude, I just found this pre-lubed condom, wanna blow it up and put it on your head?" "NO! I'm a Max."
by Maxiiiii April 01, 2008
A really nerdy douche bag that has a small penis.
Girl: Ew, who's that fag?

Me: Idk, but by the looks of his pants, he must have a really small penis.

Girl: Hmm; I think his name is Max, I heard he was a total nerd.

Me: Ew, nerds.

Girl: Haha :D
by Piggy-Ann April 28, 2009
Compulsive liar, tries to make girls jealous, Low life people have this name> This name should stay a dogs name. Usually cute from behind but totally not in the front. Jerk.
OMG Have you talked to max lately?
No, gag me with a frickin spoon!!!!!!
by moomoos August 22, 2008
Any girl who looks like a guy or wants to become a guy. After the character in the L Word.
I can't believe that girl is hanging out with Max.
She used to be so girly now, she's a Max.
by Ashley Joy May 06, 2007
Tight pant waring, curly hair can usually be seen listening to nick jonas on pink ipod

ps. Usually GAY

Max Doblin
by Dan Brownstein September 04, 2008
Max is Possibly the worst boyfriend ever. Simple as that.
Eww Max. Don't go out with him he's terrible at making out and he's ugly.
by ohyeahit'semilyshescool May 07, 2006