1. Extremely extreme, often other Maxs die after acouple days of skateboarding, because of bringing their "game up".
2. Under cover rapper.
3. Once addicted to caffine.
4. Has "great" ideas that often lead to overall failure in life
5. A male will a large reproductive organ penis.
6. Loves "cup noodles"
7. Can taste a difference in peanut butters
8. Friend of Bigfoot
9. most commonly all defenitions
1. c.s.i guy: A John Doe tried to 180 switch foot nollie over 24 stairs.
c.s.i guy2: damn it johnson another one in the same week
nameless pimp: his name musta been Max
Ash(from pokemon): yeah his name was probley Max

2. Compton c.r.i.p. rap battle
Max: my beats so fly i dont gota try when i ride the ghettos they all think im fly of course im the guy when you need a ride...ect.
audience: DAAAYUUMMM

3. teacher: Tom when did Columbus land on Plymouth Rock?
Tom: uh, I don't know man... but I saw a tottal Max in a alley chugin' a water bottle wit some caf-pills, yuh dig?

4. max: okay so man what we do is we learn how to do backflips and crazy shit like that then we join a circus
flourince: damn man your whack
*40 years later*
-wheeze- get away from my grocery cart you hoe i need to live in somthin too!

5. girl 1 walks out from boy bathroom
girl 2: Why you so happy?
girl 1: I met a max

6. jessica alba: you wana do it?
max: um okay do you have cup noodles here
jessica: um yeah
max: can i have it?
jessica: you wana do it?!?
max: um yeah yeah can i have the cup noodles
jessica: um yeah here

7. Thomas the train: here eat some peanut butter
max: what the fuck are you tring to kill me this peanut butter got here on a Fedex truck and the guy who sold it to you didnt wash his hands.
Thomas the train: aw hell no!

8. max: aw damn man this is my song
bigfoot: yo max i didnt know you chilled at this club
max: ya man remember that sick part last week...etc.

9. mario: this dude was crazy but he died last week sucks assballs
luigi: oh yeah man he was rappin like crazy but he was poppin caffine pills in some cup noddles.
mario: yah man he was crazy like he was snortin peanut butter and he new where it came from n crazy shit like that
luigi: but he pissed me off him in bigfoot where skating the boston marathon and his huge banna tottaly got princess peach wet...
mario: yeah well he died and his money scam didnt work to well...
luigi: lets go get some shrooms and hang out with Bowser
by max aka friend of bigfoot February 09, 2008
To have a Max, you are lucky, for Max's usually don't let a lot of people in. Max's are humorous people. Max's can be idiots, but overall it turns adorable when they're being idiots. Max's can being VERY annoying but you can't help but love them to death. But finally overall... They're the best people to be friends with, to love.
"You sure are acting like a Max."
by IamTHECheshireCAT March 30, 2016
Max is the best drawer on earth!! He loves music and he is SUPER funny! Max is a really good friend. He always knows how to make you smile. Sure Max is a bit of a bad boy, but hes still really nice. Max is cut funny and smart. He insnt popular, he dosent have girls swooning over him but they should be cause he is awesome!!!!!!! (did i mention he is homeroom president of student council?!)
max, your so funny
i still cant believe your president!
by wolflover123 October 05, 2015
A name commonly thought of as sketchy by Latino.
Latin dudette: Yeah his name is Max 😍
Latin dude: Max, that's a sketchy name
by Yoshi565 October 03, 2015
Short for "maximus" Another word for "beast"
Meaning large penis and very good at everthing
Maximus is amazing.
by buster123 March 09, 2015
Max short for Maximus, which in Russia means Large Penis. Max is Awesome, hes a really great guy. If you have a friend like Max never let him go. Everyone loves Max the Boys and the Girls. Max is short, but that doesn't mean he isn't fast. Max doesn't do a lot of sports either. Max has a hot Body and a big Penis. Max is a total Package! He also is very Humorous.
I love a great Max!
by 1234abcd4321dcba February 15, 2014
Max is greek for extremly large penis or maximum size penis. A Max is probably the must awesome person under the sun. When he walks down the street buildings explode behind him, every times he makes a step the world orgasms and women lose their virginity. Max are flawless and everybody knows that. Max Are the most alpha creature on earth.
Max walks down the street:
Woman 1:Oh look! Is that a Max?
Woman 2: Eh, yeah I thinOHHH OHHH YEAH OHH MY GOD
by WHYsoSERIOU5 October 15, 2015
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