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Much like the word awesome except it starts with the letter M meaning tht it is 3 times the awesome
Thats so mawesome!
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by STA sucks!!! June 24, 2009
Abbreviation of 'Mega Awesome'. To be used in situations of above average levels of awesomeness. Considered level 2 on the awesome scale. See Smawesome, Pawesome, Fawesome for other levels.
Joe: That cake was seriously mawesome
#smawesome #pawesome #fawesome #sawesome #awesome
by alicat14 January 30, 2009
1. - Social website for cool people.
2. Mawesome(Adjective) Something cool, rad or genuinely awesome.
1. Steve: Did you see the picture of the
lime on
Joe: No, i'll check it out when I get
2. Steve: That party was mawesome
Joe: Word
#awesome #rad #social site #facebook #myspace
by Philip Stalin Schnanavskij September 08, 2008
When something is so awesome you begin to say "awesome" before your mouth opens thus making the "Mmm" sound.
Steve: Joe, look up at that spaceship.
Joe: Mawesome dude, that is just awesome!
#awesome #fawesome #pawesome #smawesome #sawesome
by Mr. Lerajie January 02, 2015
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