the best cheerleaders in southern california.
the team with the sexy uniform.
the teamates that act like sisters.
the talented ones.
the team with amazing coaches.
the team that sings teal and navy everytime black and yellow comes on.

the team with the biggest hearts.

the team that pushes eachother through rough times.
the team where the little girls are just as talented as the older girls.

the team that is going to texas.
the team that is going to have 1st place in the bag.
the team that beats Action all the time.
the team that knows how to be champions.
Girl: who doesnt want to be a maverick.
other girl: anyone who wants to be a sucky cheerleader.
by cheerleaderdesertelite November 11, 2011
A no legged dog, a dog with no legs.
-"You'll never guess what i saw the other day!"

-"What did you see?"

-"A fucking no legged dog!"

-"Ahhh, poor little maverick"
by thegrizzelybear September 14, 2011
A man/boy that is a complete player/hustler
They think themselves completely awesome and unbreakable hard nuts and total studs.
They make use for eye candy because of good looks but not much else.
person#1: Whats dan like?
person#2: Oh he's a maverick!
person#1: Oh damn!
by maverickleader May 09, 2011
n. A shower taken at a girls place who you are about to date, just met, or don't know very well.

Taken from Top Gun where Cruise asks to use the shower at; call sign = Charlie's place.
Dude 1 - "Good game bro. Dude, aren't you supposed to go out on a date with what's her face tonight?"

Dude 2 - "Shit! Looks like I'll be pulling a maverick."
by Drizzle Rizzle March 12, 2010
A poker term for playing (or going all in) without looking at your cards.
I'm going maverick on the next hand and I don't care if I lose.
by Leighton Smith February 06, 2007
French Fries that venture out of the french fry container (bag, box, etc.) and into the bag holding all of the other food(Hamburgers, Chili Dogs).
Interesting! No Mavericks!
by Matt (Word coined by Erik). May 03, 2005
A maverick is a wingman who is good at what they do but most of the time they hook their friend up with a guy or girl that the person does not want to hook up with.
If James tries to hook up John and a girl he does not like, James is a Maverick
by laxbro20 August 24, 2011

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