Main character in Top Gun played by Tom Cruise before things got a little freaky with Scientology and Oprah's couch. Introduced an effective pick up style to get the hot girl at the bar by singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" by the Righteous Brothers. Almost certainly 100% effective when done in a duet with an equally attractive man named "Goose."
Person 1- You ever seen Top Gun?
Person 2- Hell yeah, Maverick was hot as hell.
Person 1- Too bad he's hiding in the closet now.

Person 1- Where the hell did Julie go?
Person 2- Oh, she went home with that guy.

Person 1- Why?!
Person 2- He pulled a Maverick.

Person 1- Say no more.
by WomensPrisonPimp June 24, 2015
someone who is different by choice, as opposed to a pariah. also, a megaman enemy.
man, he is such a maverick, inventing that awesome new thing!

(while playing megaman): damn, i just got pwned by a maverick!
by 3mo Pwny Association February 17, 2011
Tom Cruise playing beach volleyball with a bunch of sweaty dudes all wearing tight jeans...and a character from the most kick ass movie ever!!!
"You're dangerous Maverick."

by johnathon appleseed June 15, 2009
sunglasses, esp. those such as Maverick Mitchell wore in the 1986 box office smash "Top Gun"
i just got done smizokein some wizneed so i gotta sport the mavericks so i don't go blind
by jon bon jovster April 29, 2003
A Palinfucker who likes to Palinfuck
After i Palinfucked her she knew me as the maverick.
by Max Sexton April 15, 2010
sarah palins' favorite word
"if sarah palin says maverick one more time im going to punch her in her face. =]"
by lawlz@republicans October 13, 2008
The guy in your office who fantasizes that he is Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Having already watched the movie 500+ times, he continues to watch it daily using Netflix on his Iphone, while pretending that he is hard at work on his next project. He will vehemently deny his obsession with fighter pilots and flight suits, but wears mirrored "pilot" sunglasses, claiming that they are still in fashion. He constantly hums the tune to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, but deep in his heart, knows he will never fly.
Employee #1: "Hey, is the new guy Scott a fighter pilot? Why is he wearing that flight suit in the office?"

Employee #2: "No way. He's never even been on a plane. He's just a Maverick."
by Fugufish July 27, 2011

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