a mexican who makes fun of mexicans!
though he is good writing rap songs and enjoys ass cheeks oh his white tees. he is often very emotional with a 6.5 inch penis. enjoys biting of the nipples.
dude, mauricio, stop hating on your mexican self!
#mexican #penis #sad #hate #asscheeks
by jonasnotreallythough June 16, 2008
A wicked cool kid, who isn't afraid to show his true colors. Just because he hasn't told his parents', doesn't mean anything. You don't know how hard it is, so shut up. AND ACTUALLY, he did tell his dad. So get your facts straight before you try and shit-talk somebody on urban dictionary. LOVE YA CHIPPYMISSIPPI.<3
Love, buckykentucky. 8D<3
Bitch, get off mauricios dick. xD
#cool #rad #awesome #the best #hawt.
by Kaley. September 02, 2008
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