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1. Nicknamed Durantula, Kevin Durant is arguably the 2nd best basketball player in the NBA currently and only 21 years old. It is believed he will be the chief rival to LeBron James in the future however he needs to put on some weight first as he currently stands 6'11 but weighs 130 pounds. He also has the wingspan of a giraffe and the personality of an 8 year old.

2. The reason the suicide rate in Portland, Oregon has more than tripled since June, 2007.
Brandon, "Hey man did you see Kevin Durant drop 45 the other night on the Sixers?"

Greg, "No, I was taking some pictures for my girlfriend."
by Joyner82 March 25, 2010
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to leave your team and join the team you can't beat
I want to win but my team is very weak, I want to Kevin Durant
by HonnieDave27 July 10, 2016
To leave your team and join the team you can't beat.
I want to win but my team is so weak, I should Kevin Durant
by Hakizzle July 05, 2016
Leaving a losing team to go to a winning team and being a little bitch
Cody: "My team is so bad I want to Kevin Durant"
Anthony: "It's ok bro I'm a Kevin Durant too"
Nathan: "Everyone calls me a Kevin Durant"
by babyfaceassassin July 05, 2016
to leave your team and join the team that you can't beat and so you can get a ring
I want a ring so I pulled a Kevin Durant
by Samald4 July 05, 2016
To quit on your team because they suck.

"My team is so bad I almost want to Kevin durant
Kevin durant
by Yeetman69 July 07, 2016
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