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A nickname for a chronic masturbator.
It is an amazing creature, known for its tendency to consistently lean to the right under the weight of its own right arm.

Is usually found in a basement, a library, hell anywhere where there is porn to access.

When not in its lair of porn, it is out wandering the mysterious environment known as `not watching porn`with extreme beadhead, greasy hair and a dark green hoodie with a broken zipper.

Also, it seems to blame the death of a computer on its siblings watching too much DBZ.
People chillin` , not knowing a matturbater is in the midst of their group: ``I`m going to fuckin pass out.``

Matturbater: (In its head) ``team america, FUCK YEAH. lol jk im gonna matturbate because there`s a computer with no password right here and not delete the history``
by DeonGGG June 24, 2010

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