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Usually used to describe a makeup color. Matte being no shimmer, flat.
I wanted to get this matte brown eye shadow but all they had was shimmer.
by Mister Potato Head July 29, 2010
Matte means wait in Japanese, or it can mean wait up or slow down however you use it.
"Matte Yuki!" Mai shouted as she ran down the street to her friend, her alram didn't go off and now she was running late.
by Tomoshibi July 10, 2009
A person who has no issues stabbing you in the back whilst doing you doggie style
I thought we were friends, then he pulled a Mattes on me
by Frank 21222 April 16, 2009
A mysterious mixture of urine and semen stains on the front of soiled underwear, brought on by being over stimulated whilst watching cartoons. Curiously smells like fish
Dude, is that a mattes on your pants
by Chappy of the Rocks April 16, 2009
a short bitch ass mexican who smells of body odor. really sucks at softball. he flexes nuts often because he hasn't got any. never gets laid. virgin ... i believe so. he is the 1st man to actually cock block himself! need i say more about this pathetic excuse of a man. if he doesn't kill himself, he will more than likely die alone and be forgotten because nobody notices him in the first place. he drives a pussy ass hyundai.
Man did you see that guy that shit his pants?? He is such a Matte!
by Puddintain Rascoli June 05, 2011
A Male who has his eye on a girl but is either way to nervous to ask her out even though he is too anxious to even talk to her sometimes, he just needs to calm down and ask her out but still needs encouragement from a brother, a friend or the girls friend because she knows about girls.
Matte: I really like her but I can't ask her out I just can't
Girls friend: just ask her out already
Matte: okay
Matte:I did it and my chest feels like it just caved in
Girls friend: at least you did it YAY!!!!
by Weirdowithunicorns June 05, 2016
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