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A hairy man beast.
A person who loves to sing in the shower for hours.
Being naked.
Straight up ladies man.
You are being a kuz.
by Rawrbaby! April 29, 2009
Kuz or kuz may mean 4 things:

#1 - Cuz / 'Cuz / Becuz
It's a 1337 form of the word because in short.

#2 - Cuz *some-thing-here*
Almost same as above, but used at start of instant messages or chat.

#3 - A man that is a beast
Calling some male person "Kuz" (like Kuz Steven) is the same thing as calling them a beast (Beast Steven) or a freak.

#4 - K.U.Z. or K2UZ
K2UZ meaning 'key to us' or 'key 2 uz'. Not really used.
Geek Kevin: Why you killed Sarah?
1337 Jonny: Kuz sh3 waz a biatxh.

*Super-noob killed TheUltraPro 3 times in a row*.
Mick: cuz... LOL
Greg: yeah... cuz what a pwn.

Lara Nebraska Clint: Steven you're a kuz!
Kuz Steven Clint: What?
Kuz Steven Clint: WTF
*Grabs Lara and eats her head*.

Joey: Hey guys, I found a K.U.Z.
Boot & Helyus: Let's open that door..
*Helyus open it and... 'slash!' cuttroath*.
Joey: I found another K2UZ!
Boot: I don't even want to touch it...
by X-RDG May 16, 2009