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a male with demonic characteristics. easily frustrated, abnormally loud, loves nipple clamps, enjoys multiple kittens by his side, only eats blue colored foods, bites wooden doors and can dance like no other. He usually enjoys long bubble baths after his long beat off sessions, rose petals in the water are usually his favorite thing to relax to.

Take caution: A Matt should never be frightened or suprised. If so, Matt will have fainting goat syndrome.
I think the Matt in me will come out tonight.....
by pussy fart-o February 21, 2012
Is a boy in the uk who talks a lot of shit hahaha.
and has a sexy laugh
Matt is not far better then melissa.
by mattsucksftw March 12, 2011
A guy that has the most amazing body and he knows it. He makes you fall in love with him soo easily. Has the most amazing and seems like a real charmer and genuine guy. But most the time all this is a lie. He is a lieing backstabbing cheater that will do anything to get sex. He changes how he treats people and how he acts around certain people.
Girl 1: I love Matt so much!
Girl 2: Wait i thought you and Matt broke up?
Girl 1: No why would you think that?
Girl 2: Because Matt told me that yesterday so he could have sex with me.
by missy94 July 11, 2010
A refrigerator for beers. No other contents are allowed as it is a specialty refrigerator. Be careful when inviting a Matt to parties as it is programmed to automatically consume all beers it encounters.

Amazingly, the Matt has no capacity limit and has been known to consume mass quantities of beer in one sitting without recharging and without any side effects.

The Matt itself looks quite bearish in appearance with a rough outward exterior much like a mountain man. However, he is well liked and a good friend. Filipinos have been known to flock towards the Matt for it's appearance and personality. With many filipino men and women falling in love with the Matt. However, the Matt cannot be tamed and moves from location to location, country to country, consuming beer.

One odd fact about the Matt is that some gay filipino men are compelled to poop in it's mouth.
Wow, you drank that entire keg of beer by yourself! What are you, a Matt??

Person 1: Where do you poop?

Person 2: In Matt's mouth.

Person 1: .......................
by unknown1979 November 22, 2013
Misunderstood individuals that think too much. They know what they want but can't express it for they are afraid. They need to be reassured of your love to believe it. They treat you like an angel and are very affectionate. They make you feel loved when you're with them. When you're not with them you feel like you don't exist in their world. You can see forever in their intense blue eyes. Their capacity for love can be out of this world if they ever let you in. The lady who captures his heart and can keep his interest is one in a million. If they ever do find someone they deem worthy enough to open up to, I can only imagine how wonderful their lives will be together. To understand them is another story.
I hope you find her one day soon Matt!.
leanne: this boy Matt is so amazing!
harold: so do you love him?
leanne: I do, but he doesn't love me
harold: That's ok, at least you tried. And hey, you will always have wonderful memories
by asdfghjkl123zxc May 03, 2013
A gremlin like creature that makes a squealing noise when poked and loves alcohol. The creature is a keen sportsmen and usually specialises in womens sports such as hockey
Wow look at him squeal... he's such a matt

Hes a fantastic hockey player!! What a matt!!!
by Rugbyplayer October 22, 2011
The best dude ever, literally. Matts make amazing bum chums, and are usually complete sweethearts. They're perfect and adorable, good looking and kind, funny and caring..everything you could ever want, really.
Person 1;'That guys so amazing..'
Person 2;'Must be a Matt!'
by mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy July 14, 2014