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A surname and forename for males, derived from the Hebrew word "mattityah" which means "gift of God".

People named Mathis are usually friendly, talented and helpful guys which keep their word but might also be a little lazy sometimes.

While the name is often used as surname it's (especially in Europe) a not uncommon forename as well.
Other variations of the name are Matthis, Mattis or Matthias.
Also the "City of Mathis" is a small town in Texas.
Johnny Mathis, popsinger
Mathis, Texas
by scova November 01, 2011
1. a lanky-ass cross country or track runner

2. a lazy kid with a lot of natural (math) ability

3. an insomniac
I was up last night at 2 A.M. because I couldn't sleep, so I looked out of my window, and I saw a mathis blazing around the track.
by Wes Dunnavant July 02, 2009
A form of Martial Arts taught only in and mastered throughout a lifetime of living in the town of Mathis,TX
Hell yeah, I know Mathis.
by Mathis Master July 27, 2010
The name Mathis is derived from France, and Germany. The Mathis's are trying to impress all the girls around him. He flirts all the time and is just a little awkward. Is a player and can't survive without girls in his life. Sometimes is a bit touchy....
" Geus what Mathis said to me!..'You look beautiful in this light my love!"
by demilovato1234 January 12, 2013
Mathis, they often try to flirt with girls. They are very attracted to them. They think they are very cool and funny when they are just being creepy. They are a bit bi-polar and are quite stalkerish and perverted. They also try to look good.They are a danger to most women.
"That Mathis just told me I looked awesome! Then insulted me!"

"Yeah! He is a weird, never talk to him!'
by thisisthetruth1010 January 16, 2013
Noun. A very fat joint usually smoked in small groups
Anna that is one fat Mathis. Pass that shit my way.
by James R. Billingston November 09, 2010
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