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When a teacher is explaining complex maths and then suddenly comes up with an answer
Stoner 1: "How did Sir do that?"
Stoner 2: "That shit was mathemagical."
by xhenersx January 06, 2013
/máthimájikal/ adj. of or pertaining to or of the nature of a phenomenon that which can only be explained by a combination of mathematics and supernatural theory. Most commonly occurring in card games, such as euchre, poker, go-fish...etc.
Now fucking way, that was a mathemagical card on the river!
She had a mathemagical draw to win the go-fish game.
by Smitty369 August 30, 2010
When logical reasoning is corrupted by lack of knowledge.
Mathematically your logic has been warped by mathemagical reflections of ill formed thought and unreasonable reason to such degree as to levitate and disguise it's very essence with a cloak of ignorant invisibility.
by Splorkinton May 11, 2015
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