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A beautiful girl who is not noticed immediately, but is life changing. She is reserved, very quiet, until you get to know her. She can make you feel like your on top of the world when she is standing by your side. A Mataya comes along once in a lifetime, you should not pass up a girl like her. She is unlike any girl that you will ever meet.
Wow, Mataya is looking good today!
by Smitty307 March 18, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world. All the guys love her and can't get enough of her glowing smile. Her best friend sometimes can get jealous of her and Mataya makes it better. She is funny, athletic and a great friend. Once you meet a Mataya you will always want to be her friend. NO ONE HAS EVER HATED ONE. Mataya will change your life. Mataya is outrageously fun-loving. Mataya should date a Justin. Mataya should be a best friend with a Kate. Mataya's are the best friends you could ask for.
That girl is soooooo Mataya. Hawt!
by KTECA February 22, 2015
some crazy ho you don't want to piss off. Mataya got demons! She be bustin' balls and taking names all fucking day! Synchro swimmer and shit as well. bitch aint basic
"Mataya! God damn you bad as hell!"
by Drowe December 08, 2014

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