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The act of engaging in the doggy style position then fingering the female's anus while in that position and smearing a residue of her own shit accross her upper lip forming a mustache.
*Dan walks up to Mark*

Dan: Hey Mark, you remember that crazy guy on the bus that was masturbating?

Mark: Yeah man, it was fucking sick.

Dan: Yeah, well you wanna know what his name was?

Mark: What?

Dan: Sanchez!

*Dan smears shit over Mark's upper lip, leaving a shit moustache (a dirty sanchez)*
by blahhomies January 10, 2007
When a girl's pussy is so loose, your dick can fit very easily in her cunt, so to please her, you have to shake your dick left and right against her pussy walls like you shake a jingle bell.
Me: Yo Tommy, I spent a night Jingle-Belling that loose sister of yours!
Tommy: Imma fuck you up bitch!
by blahhomies September 11, 2006
The Apple operating system.
Hey, Vinny, Tim uses a rat shit at his place!
by blahhomies September 06, 2006
Microsoft Pornography Database.
My mom caught me on Xbox Live last night and grounded me because I'm a stupid pre-pubescent 10 year old using the internet for teenage and adult purposes to make me look cool and also to give Bill Gates money.
by blahhomies September 10, 2006
A 7'1" tall genetically alterred soldier in the video game called Halo, who fights off aliens, and masturbates to a hott computer AI called Cortana who wishes she was a real person so she could ride his cock, while master chief wants to have little computer babies with her.
im tha master chief bitch! ride my cock you filthy computer whore! lawl!
by blahhomies September 10, 2006

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