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when someone is giving you a really hard time.
Hey man, quit breaking my balls.
by fakemonster July 27, 2005
often used to describe someone's face if there is a picture taken with their mouth in an O shape.
I found a great picture of George Bush with Blower's Cramp.
by fakemonster July 27, 2005
1) Someone putting up a front.
2) Lying about a big penis.
1) He says he fights a lot but he's a fake monster.

2)You better watch out for that fake monster in Matt's pants.
by fakemonster July 27, 2005
What is said to someone giving you a hard time, a reference to the testicles.
1: I need that money by tuesday man.
2: Just relax, don't twist em.
by fakemonster July 27, 2005
A euphenism for a penis.
If you'll excuse me, I think I need to go run Mater Chief through some drills.
by fakemonster July 27, 2005

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