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If you thought Rebecca Black's Friday wasn't bad enough, wait until you see Tay Allyn's masterpiece of shit called Mass Text.
Why didn't I get your mass text? I'm in your contacts!
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by NK4 July 30, 2013
the act in which bored depressed teenagers send the same text message to their entire phone book at the same time. extremly annoying and rude.
girl #1: hey look! i got a new text from jim, the really depressed and bored guy that i know! it says, "hey."

girl #2: hey! i got that text too! grrr. him mass texting is really getting on my nerves.

girl #1: i know! lets both text him back the same reply and maybe he'll be able to take a hint!

girl #2: okay! great idea!
#text #texting #bored #depressed #teenagers #mass
by ellemennop February 09, 2009
When someone is incredibly bored and sends the same text to many different people at the same time in the desperate hope of getting a response or when something important or at least important to the texter and it just MUST BE TOLD TO EVERYONE like merry christmas....or its my birthday.
When the text end with everybody or guys its probably the dreaded "mass text".
Lizzy: Holy crap!!! That hottie Bill just texted me!!
Erica: What did he say?
Lizzy: hey
Erica: I got the same one...its just a mass text. Don't answer that. He's just bored.
#mass #text #message #cell #phone
by Lopsicle December 25, 2009
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