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When a text message is sent to multiple contacts within a phonebook.
Kevin: Melanie just texted me and was like, "What's up?"... I thought she said she had plans and couldn't hang out tonight.

David: Yeah, I got that, too.

Lacey: WTF?! I'm so sick of her mass texting and leaving me out!

David: Guess we know why she didn't want to hang out tonight...
by Alyk October 26, 2008
a derivation of the social activities mass texting and sexting. sexual advances are sent via text message to multiple contacts within a phonebook.
Justin had a bad habit of mass sexting when he drank...

From Justin: i can't stop thinking about ur hott body. wut r u doin 2nite?

To: Jessica, Sarah, Michelle, Stacy, Nicole
by Alyk October 26, 2008

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