hittin a HOMERUN!! (4th base).. the process of sexual intercourse!
See: my bedroom on a weekend... haahha
when ur dad calls u and says "stop mashing.. what r u doin.. where's ____?! let me talk to him!"
by hm.. SECRET!! April 03, 2003
Top Definition
the act of female masturbation.

can be used as an insult as well as a verb in the same way as wanker is used both as a pejorative and to describe the act of a man masturbating.
"is she mashing it"


"that chick is such a masher"


if a woman cuts you off in traffic you can yell "you fucking masher"
by Man Lee Man October 31, 2010
drving fast
i was mashin down the street.
by mash-in July 14, 2003
Combining usually internet or other types of videos whilst some times incorporating music to create a new video that either may be centered around one more themes, or merely to show all of the videos together.
Hes "mashing" together auto-tune remix videos.
by Sir. Kick Ass February 18, 2011
When bicyclists, namely fixed-speed riders, dip and weave quickly through cars, skid through them, or a combination of the two.
Mark is one of the best messengers I know. He's so good at Mashing.
by moooosiah March 20, 2009
the act of squishing your private parts together.
i walked in on her mashing.it was gross.and stunk.
by bnt07 November 22, 2011
The act of strolling into your local supermarket and heading toward the fruit and veg section. Where you start to masturbate yourself as vigorous as possible, ending with a creamy substance left all over the potatoes, much like Planking became an internet sensation many have taken to Mashing in much the same way.
Andrew: "Look at that girl over there by the tomatoes, she's got her hands right down her knickers."
Richard: "Who? Catherine? Squatting over the Potatoes? She must have her whole fist up there man."
Andrew: "Yeah, she's Mashing hard dude."
by TheDevil'sAdvocate September 15, 2011
Mashing is a term commonly used to describe frotteurism. Frotteurism is a type of paraphilia involving sexual urges or sexually arousing fantasies involving bumping or rubbing against a stranger and/or a nonconsenting person for sexual gratifucation.
Frank was arrested for mashing a woman on a crowded subway.
by psychie December 09, 2009
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