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A television show from the 70's, that was good in it's first 3 or four seasons, but when they traded Trapper for BJ, and when Alan Alda, who played hawkeye on the show, got behind the camera and directed and wrote. It was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the korean war. It was also a comedy. Before it was a television show it was a movie directed by Robert Altman, a really good director.
I sat around all day wishing I had a job watching mash. I also wish Hotlips would take off her clothes.
by Andrew Callaway December 02, 2003
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-pretty much the same as "mint"
Gabby is so mash, would love to bang her.
by ace candy April 16, 2014
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Heavy kissing without using your tongue. Two people mashing their lips together.
Tony: "Did you see those Steve and Brenda at the party last night?"
Meg: "OMG they were really mashing."
by wollfe February 28, 2013
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A mushy combination of chocolate chips and pancake batter that didn't turn out very well.
Marty-"Ew, what is that man?"

Phillip-"That's mash I'm making it for breakfast."

Marty-"You're sick, man."
by SimplyPoop July 16, 2010
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To click on something or push a button.

Usually used in the deep south.
I type in my user name and password then I mash on Log In.

I mashed on the doorbell.
by foxmajik February 03, 2010
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A mixture of marijuana, soda, ashes, and bowl resin mixed together and baked under a light then smashed repeatedly to compact it, most commonly made to maximize a small quantity of marijauna
Yo, that mash made that dime smoke like a half
by tlil May 03, 2009
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to leave or exit an event or location
I finna Mash.(I am going to leave)

This place is weak lets Mash (This place sucks, lets leave)
by Akuma2169 March 06, 2009
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