-pretty much the same as "mint"
Gabby is so mash, would love to bang her.
by ace candy April 16, 2014
Heavy kissing without using your tongue. Two people mashing their lips together.
Tony: "Did you see those Steve and Brenda at the party last night?"
Meg: "OMG they were really mashing."
by wollfe February 28, 2013
A mushy combination of chocolate chips and pancake batter that didn't turn out very well.
Marty-"Ew, what is that man?"

Phillip-"That's mash I'm making it for breakfast."

Marty-"You're sick, man."
by SimplyPoop July 16, 2010
To click on something or push a button.

Usually used in the deep south.
I type in my user name and password then I mash on Log In.

I mashed on the doorbell.
by foxmajik February 03, 2010
A mixture of marijuana, soda, ashes, and bowl resin mixed together and baked under a light then smashed repeatedly to compact it, most commonly made to maximize a small quantity of marijauna
Yo, that mash made that dime smoke like a half
by tlil May 03, 2009
to leave or exit an event or location
I finna Mash.(I am going to leave)

This place is weak lets Mash (This place sucks, lets leave)
by Akuma2169 March 06, 2009
to ride a track bike (fixed gear) as fast as you can for an extended period of time, usually taking place in cities
we mashed down State Street and Aaron almost got hit by that bus
by SLC_greg November 05, 2008

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