A female of 'duck like' or 'overhanging' proportions. Rather like sausage can be annoying, time consuming and also lies.
we cant come out, give me your wallet were skint!!
by paul chaffer August 18, 2005
When people are low on pot and they collectively pack one bowl so they can all get high.
Yo I got next to nothin- wanna mash a bowl and get stony?
by QUIJ July 16, 2005
To apply violence to another person in an attempt to reduce them to the consistency of whipped potato (See also Mashed potato.)
The song "Mash up Tony Blair" is used today in much the same way as the chant "Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Out! Out! Out!" was used in the 1980s, although is not so popular.
by Flame August 31, 2003
chill, slide
you know its goin down if i let u mash wit me
by MiZz B August 20, 2003
The act of getting absolutely innebriated, also known as binge drinking.
"what are you doing tonight?"
"Oh not much, buncha people gettin together to mash at my place, you comin?"

"why the hell did you get home so late, and why do you stink of beer?"
"I'm sorry, me and the gang were out mashing a couple 24's"

by StarkSuaveSilverFox March 25, 2009
Considered by some to be undefinable, this term can be used to describe anything that is exceedingly gnarhoff. Popularized by Type I Degenrative Super Aids
That T1DSA jam brought the sick mash.
by Anal Rectification August 11, 2006
A command that is the same as Raise Up or "Go".
"Mash Fool! The Po Po's comin'!"
by Tom_Ahh_Toe July 13, 2006

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