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The shipping name of Asami Sato and Mako, from the Legend of Korra. This ship was canon from episodes four(4) through eleven(11). It is also one of the more popular ships in the fandom. They broke up after Mako developed feelings for Korra, and Asami started getting suspicious after learning of the kiss between Mako and korra.
Mako and Asami, a.k.a. Masami, dated between episodes 4 and 11.
by meksters August 13, 2012
The Meme. He's a total adrenaline junkie, though he does his best to hide it, if he doesn't go cliff diving twice a week he goes insane jfc. He's a total meme and a bit of an underachiever and shall never relinquish his hoodie. Also characterized as heartless. (hahahahHAHAHAGA)
common nicknames for masami: masa, masi, masameme, meme
if you have masami you have a meme
"Oh look its that meme Masami."
"Thats so heartless! Just like Masami!"
by probably Astro, actually October 26, 2014

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