"Crabcakes and football- that's what Maryland does!" - Wedding Crashers.
This quote from Wedding Crashers is very accurate, however, it is more lacrosse that Maryland does rather than football.

Maryland is full of extremely rich people as well as poor people. It is the home of Baltimore's beautiful suburbs and its' horrible ghetto as well as the very prestigious suburbs of Washington D.C.

Rural Maryland exists far out from the cities and their suburbs- very far out. It consists of many beautiful farms with acres of land and many large homes for those people who want to live far from the city. Southern Maryland contains most of the rural areas, however, right next to the bay is hardly farms, but more bay houses and neighborhoods. On the eastern side of Maryland across the bay, besides the beautiful bay homes, there is lots of land and farming, lots of sailing, and lots of crabs.

Maryland is also the "lacrosse capital of the world". All over Maryland breeds unbelievably talented lacrosse players- both male and female. The many public and private schools all over Maryland have extremely good lacrosse programs and players from Maryland schools often go play at the top Division One teams.

Maryland is the home of Baltimore's extremely beautiful suburbs as well as Baltimore's very corrupt ghetto in the city. The suburbs of Baltimore consist many extremely good private schools- many of which are single-sex. These schools also have the best high school lacrosse programs in the country. Some of the well-known schools include: St. Pauls School for Girls, St. Pauls School for Boys, Gilman, Roland Park, Bryn Mawr, Loyola Blakefield, Maryvale Prep, Garrison Forest, McDonough, Friends School, Boys Latin, and many, many more. The suburbs of Baltimore are also filled with beautiful homes with lots of land and very cute neighborhoods. People live right next to the happening city or further out for more beautiful homes.

Maryland is also the home to the very prestigious suburb of Washington D.C.- Montgomery County, MD. Some of the well-known suburbs of Montgomery County are Bethesda, Potomac, and Chevy Chase- where very rich people live right next to Washington D.C.
Montgomery County contains one of the best public school systems in the United States. It also has some of the best and most famous private schools in America.
Many of these prestigious private schools are single-sex. Many of the highly reguarded ones include: Georgetown Prep, Stone Ridge, The Landon School, Holton-Arms, St. Albans (DC), National Cathedral (DC), St. Andrews, The Bullis School, The Potomac School, Sidwell Friends (DC), Georgetown Day School(DC), and Georgetown Visitation(DC).
Bethesda, MD is also known as the most educated town in America.

Maryland is the home of the Chesapeake Bay. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a beautiful place to own a house on the Bay. One of the most famous places to have a home on the Chesapeake Bay is St. Michaels, MD on the Eastern Shore. There are many cute towns on the bay known for their sailing and ovcourse their crabs.

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and it is a very cute, small city on the Bay not far south of Baltimore and not far east of Washington D.C. This is where many of the sailing takes place and it is a beautiful place to own a home on the water. Severna Park is a well-known suburb of Annapolis just 10 minutes away and is placed on the Severn River.
Maryland is a wonderful place to live whether you want to live in a prestigious suburb, hectic city, small city, small town, rural farm, or a beautiful home on the shore.

Come to Maryland if you want a good education, crabs, sailing lessons, lacrosse, a nice home, a lot of land, or a city
by laxpower November 30, 2006
One of the richest states in the country with 2 of the richest counties in the country: Howard Country and Montgomery County. It is the southern most state in the Northeast; where Polo's are the state-wide clothingwear.
The state motto is the Free State and everyone loves the Baltimore crabs.
The state consists of the mountainous west and the hickish east while the Baltimore-Washington Corridor keeps the state up from a poor/hickfilled future.
Guy 1: "Where is the best place to live in the country?"
Guy 2: "Maryland, of course. The weather is perfect, the suburbs are affluent, and the Baltimore crabs are divine."
by theoneandonly November 28, 2004
the beggining of the south and america in miniature (has mountains, beach, planes, forests, ect.)
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
State in which is split between two metropolitan areas, especially when it comes to sports.
State that contains Mountains to the west, the Chesapeake bay in the middle, and Beach to the west.
State that has the Best crabs in the world, Maryland Blue Crab.
Maryland is a good place to be
by Paul April 06, 2004
Maryland its better than Philly, New york and stinking new jersey. We don't speak with dirty accents. Our attitudes are straightforward we don't dance around any subjects. Were not like those crazy ass people from DC and those boring ass people from VA. We got swagger and we show it. You know your in Maryland when you cracking open some crabs and drinking a beer. We know how to chill. We drive with our windows down and music blaring. We are straight up from LANDOVER HILLS to BOWIE.\. I-95 to 495 to 695. Don't come up in Maryland acting all ghetto and boogie cuz this ain't new jersey. We know how to party. So put yo stunner shades on and Welcome to Maryland.
Newjeresier: Omg henry I don't think were in Jeresy nomore!!!
Marylander: hell naw, Shut the hell up.

Virginiaer: Oh Martha! I think we just crossed the Potomac into MARYLAND!!
Maryland: Shut the hell up.
by Fantasia Butuka November 25, 2009
I'm from Maryland. I'm not from the South . . . or the North; It's the Mid Atlantic. It's soda, not pop. It's a sub, not a hoagie. It's pizza not pie. It's the beach not the shore and I drink 'Wooder" not water. It's acceptable to say "where y'all goin?" in place of "where are you going?" And, for the record, I'm not a hick. It's DC not Washington. I know what bad traffic really looks like, how to use a traffic circle, And how to pump my own gas. I know what and where the Naval Academy is. I love crabs, corn, and snowballs There's no place like MD!!
maryland is better then any other state...
by tyler June 05, 2005
Maryland is fun, and the crabs are great, but DC is NOT in Maryland!
#1: I'm from DC.
#2: Me too! I grew up in Silver Spring.
#1: Don't insult me. You're NOT from DC.
by Washingtonian February 08, 2005
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