Holton-Arms is a school for smart girls who are looking for a good education. Not everyone there is rich, so a lot of people are on scholarships. Like every school, there are cliques, mean people, popular people, and different people. Holton-Arms respects the fact that some people are different and they help those people to prosper on in their lives.
Girl 1: Hey! What's up?
Girl 2: Nothing... Wait... What school do you go to again?
Girl 1: Holton-Arms
Girl 2: WOW!!!! Everyone I have met from there are SOO nice!!!!!!
by blank12434321 January 25, 2011

5 Words Related to Holton-Arms

Seems nice, but they really need to work on their reputation as a school.
Girl 1: Oh my god where does that girl go to school?
Girl 2: Holton-Arms
by asdfghnj, April 30, 2012

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