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3 definitions by HKoz

I wonderful state where one can be near to the cities (DC and Philadelphia; Baltimore, MARYLAND), or in the rural mountains, or by the shores. A state with some of the best Universities in the country. Never been to Maryland? You should!
University of Maryland,
Johns Hopkins,
DC Metropolitan Area,
Ocean City,
by HKoz June 02, 2008
One's profile picture. Rather than stating "profile pic" or any other variation, profp is as short as you can get without expressing a completely different sentiment.
Oh whoa is that Luda in your profp? Awesome!
by HKoz September 05, 2009
Also abbreviated to "dexing," the act of stalking. Just as a Pokédex is an encyclopedia of Pokémon, someone who pokédexes knows a lot about people (probably by facebook stalking them).
Stan: Hey, did you know that Mark and Alyssa have the same birthday and were both born in the afternoon?

Alan: Man, you're pokédexing too much.
by HKoz December 02, 2010