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The hottest chick you've ever seen. Usually is tall, and model-ish. Beautiful,funny and perfect. Can be called by "Mary-lou" but usually prefers to be called Mary-Louise. Bow down to her, and supply to her every whim. She is the superior race. Usually what designers and hairdressers use as the correct term for " The perfect" hairstyle,outfit ect. They use "Mary-Louise" instead of any other GOOD adjective.
Woah! Did you just see that girl over there?
The beautiful one?
Yea, her name must be Mary-Louise.
by Miami26 March 24, 2011
A Marylouise is a down to earth person. She likes taking her shoes off first thing when she gets home. A Marylouise is good to animals and has a caring heart.

People named Marylouise are generally sweet, honest, adventurous, and can be naughty at times.
Be a Marylouise and help me out on the farm.
by Wordchomper December 06, 2010
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