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A Complex interesting girl, you can find her crying one minute and laughing the next. Completely unpredictable. Usually has blonde hair, laughs a lot and loves to smile. Can party just as hard as the boys do. Knows how to play a mean game of flippy cup.

Good with kids, knows just how to please a man.
She knows how to dress her body and always has the best outfits and clothes.
Has a perfect body and stamina in bed. Knows how to be a good friend and know just what you need when your sad.
Loves to drink especially Captain Morgan and Jeigermiester, Can slam shots like no other.

She can and does easily lose interest so you have to work to keep her happy.

She's the kind of girl you want to have around all the time especially at parties.
Boy #1: did you see louise marie last night?
Boy #2: yea she killed us in beer pong

Girl #1: Louise Marie your the coolest kid i've ever met
Louise Marie: you betcha i am.

Boy #3: have you seen Louise Marie in a bikini?
Boy #4: naw but i've seen her naked and that is definetly something worth giving your firstborn for
by Lily Alice June 30, 2010
Louise Marie is litteraly the spawn of Satan. While she is fairly good looking, don't let her looks deceive you. She is a cold hearted, cruel witch who thrives when others suffer. Also a synonym for sadist.
Guy 1: Omg Joe fell down and broke his back.
Louise Marie: That makes me so horny, i have to go masturbate now.
by hashtagrealtalkmahnigga February 05, 2015

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