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Amazingly bright personality, and award winning smile. She is always game for a good time and the life of the party. A best friend to all and an enemy of none, she is the true "lean on me" girl in the crowd. Not only does she have devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes, but she also sings as sweetly as old blue eyes (if he were a woman). Her Jersey Shore name is the Opportunity (monday thru Friday) or the Rack (on the weekends). Her close friends know her as MK or Fay.
Mary Kay rocked out the karoake bar tonight.
by the Pookie February 04, 2010
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"this taste different... you made a mary kay instead of a mary jay huh good"
by purrefa June 17, 2009
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When a man applies lipstick to the base of the shaft of his penis, then draws eyeliner and eyeshadow on his pelvis. He then proceeds to violently face fuck a girl, when she pulls back she has a full make over.
"Honey, I'm late for work! I don't have time to get my make up on!"

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll just Mary-Kay that shit!
by John Knows Best! August 14, 2010
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