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a rich bitch who needs a lot of mental help n who needs to learn to talk right n if she think she can excell in any of this craft crap then she needs lk lessons or sumthin
my goal is to see her locked up in a cell for a VERY VERY long time
ur a martha stewart
by i honestly dont know October 12, 2003
an old women that makes crafts and a home things for family pople. she ha a cooking show too.
Go suck on martha stewarts sagg tities, and become a millionaire!
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
just another Democrat(billionaire)
oh those poor liberals...quick gas-station boy,hand over your paycheck to help save Martha,Bill Gates and Phil Knight
Super smart woman. making money by doing ordinary things. people hate because there jelous. i dont see you with he money do i no! muhahaha
rich!bitch! smart! crazy! funny! good thing!
by s December 19, 2003