Elizebethan form of the colloquial 'innit'. Used loosely during Shakespearean times as a form of a) mutual aggreement between friends, b) to emphasise/reiterate ones resolve c) express/ reinforce a fondness/solidarity between ones cronies. Most often used among men. Marry may be accompanied by other such forms of agreement i.e 'ay', 'forsooth' and the like.
Henry: (gasp), by God the north London totty is out in force today!
George: Marry - looks like we're in for a smashing afternoon!
by hunky-dory March 19, 2006
Top Definition
The last legal form of slavery
He sold his soul to her once he got on that knee... He asked her to marry him. The end.
by NeverGettingMarried November 24, 2008
Is for a man that can not get any more pussy
Well nobody else will give it up might as well marry her
by jeremy March 17, 2004
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