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Cute , silly , sassy, intelligent , independent , honest, & a very happy person . Black or of a mixed race . Will genuinely accept you for the person that you are. Can easily see thru fraudulent individuals . As real as they come :)
Him : ily Marquetta
Her : you don't even know me lol
Him: :*
Her : -_-
by yellowbone August 07, 2011
Smart, Silly, beautiful, always laughing. Is known to procrastinate with any and everything. Also lovable, attractive and swag is always on point. Loves money, high priced items, and best of all SHOPPING. Only f**ks with the best! *On a special note- Marquetta is born a lover NOT a fighter (but is a known $h!t talker smh).
Marquetta procrastinates but her swag stays on point.
by AM0N3YL0V3R March 30, 2011