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A great country in nothern Africa. Also known as the Kingdom of Morocco. Its population is very diverse as you would find Arabs, Berbers, Muslims, Christians and Jews enjoying a peaceful existence. This is the model of peace on eath.
Moroccan couscous, tagine. French: Maroc
by Momy May 03, 2006
Doing a Maroc is a sexual act where the male is behind the girl in a doggystyle position. When he is about to come he pulls out and then jizz himself in the eye
Damn, that weird danish guy i fucked last night just pulled of a Maroc
by JSS88 November 15, 2010
Beautiful but dangerous: Beautiful north african country that is a combination of hollywood images- the romantic Sahara, ocean beaches and Atlas Mts and the harsh contrast of a "Midnight Express" corrupt police. Shake downs at road blocks are common, don't travel in your own rental car unless you are prepared to handle encounters with rouge police. Government offices that are only open when the clerks feel like it.
Careful man, she's maroc.
by tomtomb September 12, 2007
usually used about hash from marocco, very common in large parts of europe.
got some really good maroc yesterday!
by sprut January 28, 2005
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