she is ratchet no one likes her she is ugly has no friends she gets rejected a lot and she is no one here
mari is a bad example
by that mexican tho November 26, 2014
A flaming homosexual who can act completely straight until he sees a cute necklace. May or may not have limp wrists.
Me: Hey Maris, how are you today?
Maris: Good, just got back from working construction... *voice gets three octaves higher* OHMYGAWD I LOOOOOVE YOUR NECKLACE!!!!!!
by blueskyscorpio August 30, 2011
Mari is sooper cool and hot. Jk. She is a huge butt nugget and she is just the silliest.

Maris often are born with red hair and are sooper dooper tall. They are huge cakes of cake. They also have butt chins and bindis. They like to draw on magazines and generally vandalize public property. Maris are huge butts. They are dumb.


I bet you it was Mari. Chuckle chuckle.
by Tortellini February 03, 2013
A "girlfriend" that a guy claims to have, but nobody's ever seen her. May be either fictional and created to boost his image, antisocial, or highly resistant to spending time with his friends.

Based on Niles' wife in Frasier, who is often referred to but never seen unobstructed.
Hey man, glad you could make it to my party! Did you come alone? Where's your Maris this time?
by Ben Frey April 24, 2006
An invisible domineering, henpecking female who denies her husband any pleasure in life; sometimes thought to be a non-existent person who men use as an excuse not to socialize.
Allen wanted to take his dick with him to the party but Maris wouldn't allow it. It's fun to emasculate Allen.
by Feebs October 02, 2003
NOT A WHORE. does not give lap dances, is of the female descent. She has morals and values and does not act like tila tequila.
"Maris is my biffer forever"
"Oh, you mean that girl that gives lap dances?"
"No, not at all. She has values and morals. She does not act like tila tequila."
"oh, Word."
by MARISANDMAYA February 04, 2009
1. a type of fish. found in wild rivers can be up to four feet long.

2. as slang can refer to a giant monster. this comes from the fish, and how big it is compared to other fish.
1. My dad caught a mari on our last fishing trip, the thing was huge.
2. That mari asked me out to prom, but he's so big and scary i don't want to go with him. he'll probably just take me to his cave.
by minom001 May 14, 2011

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