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Very highly motivated, truely dedicated, well taught, experienced people doing what they need to do to get the job done. The title MARINE can not be rented, lent, borrowed, stolen, bought, sold or given, it has to be EARNED through, blood, sweat and tears. There is only one way on and one way off Parris Island.

Wanna know what it's like to be a Marine? Do you think you have what it takes to be part of an elite force? Go to your local recruiter office and ask him, I'm sure there are plenty of openings for you down there on the Island. Good Luck
Wanna learn more about the Marine Corps, call your local recruiter today.
by Jason M March 24, 2006
Where were the navy seals during any of the last major conflicts??? That's OK the Marines will secure the perimiter so you can conduct your BUDS training in your purple g-strings. Fuck A navy seal.
The Marine Corps has protected this great nation and Many others for 230 years now. So go ahead and talk shit you fucking squid.
by Andrew April 14, 2005
The finest branch in the United States military. Also men who have developed infinite patience from listening to people call them "stupid" dropouts, especially when the Marine Corps only accepts .02% of its annual recruiting quota to be high school dropouts, and even then the recruits still have to have attained a GED. Also ironically, most people talking shit on the Marine Corps tend to constantly misspell words and use terrible punctuation in their posts. (Must be army loyalists, all you need to enlist in the army is to be able to correctly spell your name on the dotted line, which this Marine learned to do when he was three.)
Prospective recruit 1: Should I join the Army or the Marine Corps?
Prospective recruit 2: I'm joining the Army because I'm a pussy little bitch and the Marine recruiter told me I had to lose weight and I might have to kill someone and get shot at myself. In the army all I have to do is fix refrigerators
by E-4 grunt October 16, 2007
The most bad-ass military division ever, first to fight,last to leave, "trained to fight,trained to kill,trained to die but never will." the most elite of all fighters. These soldiers make the Army look like boy scouts.
Person 1: Jon joined the infantry for the Marine Corps.
Person 2: geeze, the infantry? he is a bad mother fucker...
by Kroskey July 07, 2006
A branch of the Royal Navy, comprimising of Britain's Commando forces, and, utilising support from key areas of the of the other 3 forces, some of the most skilled military individuls in the world. Commonly misassociated with US Marines. Noted for being the most highly trained and able people in the military, with an unrivalled selection procedure for entry.
A sailor (navy) and a marine walk into the toilets in a pub. they both start urinating the stalls. When finished the marine heads straight for the door, without stopping at the sink first. The sailor, disgusted, calls out "Hey mate, in the Navy they teach us to wash our hands after we piss!!", to which the Marine replies "Really (?), In the Marine Corps, They teach us not to piss on our hands"...
by Matt_the_don October 22, 2005
Fucking righteous hand of GOD!!!
Everyones dead, But theres a company of Marines partying over the dead bodies. Marine Corps is and will always be the truth.
by jmasterjermzx October 30, 2007
1) Filled with people OFTEN hated by our society. But our society can't be any happier when they go overseas to protect our coward asses.

2) When you get booked, you'll be indirectly asked "Jail or Marine Corps?"
1) Guy 1: O MY FREAKIN' GOD! Those Marine guys sure are a disgrace to our society and cocky sons of guns raised in an era of video games and internet pornography!

Guy 2: Yea but I'm glad to see them go overseas and protect our whiny asses while we drink lemonade and sit down all day!

2) The judge asked the man guilty of DUI, "Marine Corps or Jail time?"
by RAHBLAH February 02, 2007