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1. A communist organization, ran by complete idiots. This service has the most ammount of stupid rules that make no sense, and claim that is what makes them tougher than the other services. The only people that love this organization are usually people who lack a spinal cord and are easily brain-washed...these people do not possess to ability to critically think.

2. An organization that's sole goal is to make it's members as miserable as possible through stupid rules that make no sense what-so-ever.

3. A Communist Organization that punishes everybody based upon the actions of a few.
1. "Look at that guy, he's not wearing 'flip-flops,' man he's so touch not wearing flip-flops. He must be in the Marine Corps."

"I am Sergeant Major D-Bag, and we are tougher than the other services because we don't wear flip-flops, we don't walk and talk in uniform on cell phones, and we can not drink water while walking in uniform...oh yeah, we're really tough now!"
by NotAMarineAtHeart October 25, 2009

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