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A standard cigarette (either standard or for the chavvy, superking variety) hollowed out of its tobacco contents and replaced with the key ingredients of a spliff or joint, save for the rizla. Useful for disguise from law enforcement officials (plod), or just when the rizla's have run out and no bugger can be arsed with goin down to the petrol station at 3am. Ideally filter shuold be replaced by a normal roach
No Rizla's? Secret agent time!
by Matt_the_don October 22, 2005
A branch of the Royal Navy, comprimising of Britain's Commando forces, and, utilising support from key areas of the of the other 3 forces, some of the most skilled military individuls in the world. Commonly misassociated with US Marines. Noted for being the most highly trained and able people in the military, with an unrivalled selection procedure for entry.
A sailor (navy) and a marine walk into the toilets in a pub. they both start urinating the stalls. When finished the marine heads straight for the door, without stopping at the sink first. The sailor, disgusted, calls out "Hey mate, in the Navy they teach us to wash our hands after we piss!!", to which the Marine replies "Really (?), In the Marine Corps, They teach us not to piss on our hands"...
by Matt_the_don October 22, 2005
Aggee - adj denoting an impressive event or object, normally of a violent or militant nature


Mark: Yo, you seen that black r6 ducking round?
Max: Yeah blud, it looks aggee

Tom: Hey, d'you see that fella kickin the sh*t outta that guy in the pub?
Terry: Yeah man, he looked proper aggee
by Matt_the_don October 22, 2005
A stereotype - a group of people who are portayed as anti capitalist (shocking, due to the middle class nature of the trend) unkempt (when did you last seen a grunger in a decent barbers?) and generally anti-modern-sity culture due to fear of rude boys and Dizzee Rascals, who, if they took the time to notice, they seem to outnumber by about 10 to 1 in the suburban areas they tend to inhabit. note: pussys

shame as the music they represent has its good points, but is negated by a generalised attitude that anyone who listens to hip hop/dnb/rnb/garage must be a deliquent and that while they moan on about avoiding conformity, theres nothing unique about 100 idiots too cheap to shave or get a haircut all wearin the same slipknot/muse hoodie headbashing to some godforsaken heavy metal tune in underworld every wednesday.
Damn Dirty Grungers

"argh i hate those nike hoodies. everyone wears the same one and they're made under slave labour in some thai sweat shop. let's all but a quiksilver ones instead, im sure they completely different.....(!)
by Matt_the_don October 22, 2005

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