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A type of biologist vastly superior to land or sky biologists.
MB: your biology sucks, and you smell like fish
SB: screw you dude
MB: Marine biologist, I calls em as I sees them
by Words-worthy April 09, 2012
The normal looking guy who is going after the drunk fat chick.
Hey Chad, look at the whale over there?
Looks like a marine biologist is already studying her.
by thewoodster June 29, 2014
A profession that is named, if you are a complete ass clown, when asked what a person wants to be when he/she grows up
I want to be a Marine Biologist because I am the smartest person ever, and I also like having sex with fish.
by Nick February 06, 2005
a totally sad job that involves looking at ugly fish and saying"It is a female siamese ridgeback red angelfish, extremely rare." it is almost as bad as being a newspaper boy in a wheel chair, or maybe worse.
"Hey, whats your job?"
"I'm a marine biologist"
"What's that over there"
He then legs it
by Chloe we'ate er June 22, 2009