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A woman to whom giving oral sex is a truly heavenly, out-of-body experience.
Gentleman 1: Hey man, have you and Julia bonked yet?

Gentleman 2 : Last night was the night! And man, she is such an angel fish! I couldn't stop eating her out, she came three times on my tongue!

Gentleman 1 : And then?

Gentleman 2 : Well, we figured my tongue needed a rest, so she let me my cock take over the action.
by The Sage Of Suave February 15, 2014
The girlfriend of a loserfish. Is a very awesome person who loves her boyfriend even if he acts like a dummy sometimes. Also, don't mess with 'em.
Who's that girl next to the loserfish?
That's his girlfriend.
Wow, must be an angelfish.
by youraverageblonde June 06, 2011

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